Friday, July 26, 2013

GMCJam #11 has begun. Enter the game maker noob.

I've never made anything with GameMaker so what better way to learn then with a game jam?  I'm going to give The Great Gmc Jam #11 a go. It's a 72hr game jam, It's like Ludumdare in that at the start of the Jam a Theme is revealed you get bonus points for incorporating the additional handicap theme as well

The Theme is Monsters
and the Handicap is Must contain no violence of any kind

Good chance I'll not finish a game. but hey! That's no reason not to try.
Wish me luck. I'll be posting devlog updates here and on twitter (as I /if I) make progress. At the end I'll round them up into one post for the submission thread. Time to brainstorm.

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