Monday, July 29, 2013

#GMCjam11 FAIL

Attempting to learn GameMaker enough  over a single weekend while also making a simple game for a jam has proven too large a task for me.  Oh well.  Maybe I'll have learned a bit more by the time the next Jam comes around.

I like the idea I had for my game. Sure i'll keep tinkering with it just as a learning exercise.  In hopes of being up to steep by the next #GMCjam.     

If nothing else I had a bit of fun sketching monsters for the game. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

GMCJam #11 has begun. Enter the game maker noob.

I've never made anything with GameMaker so what better way to learn then with a game jam?  I'm going to give The Great Gmc Jam #11 a go. It's a 72hr game jam, It's like Ludumdare in that at the start of the Jam a Theme is revealed you get bonus points for incorporating the additional handicap theme as well

The Theme is Monsters
and the Handicap is Must contain no violence of any kind

Good chance I'll not finish a game. but hey! That's no reason not to try.
Wish me luck. I'll be posting devlog updates here and on twitter (as I /if I) make progress. At the end I'll round them up into one post for the submission thread. Time to brainstorm.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Battery Ludumdare 26 results.

Voting ended for this Ludumdare. I was pretty shocked at how well my entry did. Battery ended up in 22nd place overall.  That's a heck of a lot better then I was thinking it would do.  I'm pretty excited about that. It also got a Coolness of 88% with a little medal.  I don't know what that means.
Battery Ludumdare 26 results 22nd place

Check out the results for all the entries If you didn't get a chance to play my entry Battery here is a direct link.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ludum Dare 26 entry. Battery.

Battery. Ludum Dare 26 entry

Dropping a Link to my Ludum Dare 26 entry. The jam end a while ago but you can still vote for 6 more days. So many great games were created for this and every ludum dare. This is the first time I've completed a game that's i'd actually call a game. Most of the time I fail to submit something. I've gotten some pretty good feedback on the game so far and plan on updating it.

Don't feel like playing here is a quick vid of the game. [SPOILERS]

Break all the Links!

So I just realized in moving my domain to here. I of course broke all the little stashed links to files and images and games that I had setup on my otherwise unused domain. Well That's great. I'll fix it in a bit but for now if you end up on this page and expected something completely different I'm sorry it should be fixed soon.

Blogger transition. Pretty darn good.

Got to say. That all the changes that blogger has done over the past few years has made it a lot easier to tweak.  Let alone find and alter all the setting to attach a domain to.  Guess it had to keep up with other services. And it looks like it did a darn fine job.  

Switch because why not?

Switching my blog over to blogger. Figure it will do just fine for what I need.  And in the end should be easier to keep updated as it's tied into all the other google services I use.   going to redirect the here as well so I stop using it as just a dump domain for my game projects.  Figure I should have some kind of face on it.  Make it bit less crappy.